Volume 23 Book 8 2017 Snakeskin Green Vipers/Pre Sales

Viper V23-B8 2017 Snakeskin Green
V23-B8 Cover
V23-B8 Data

Disclaimer: The Viper Registry Books are in no way affiliated with Chrysler, Dodge, Viper, SRT or any other company involved in the production of the Viper.  It is also important to know that each VIN in these books has been verified as real and are associated with a built Viper.  Early in the Viper History unverified documents were circulated identifying the production of the Viper.  Through my 9 years of research, I have found several differences between those documents and what I have found. 

There is a Viper with the VIN ending HV731948 (31,948) which was to announce the final production count for the Viper throughout the years (1992-2017), I currently have in my database 31,956 verified VIN’s, as of the writing of these books.  If you find a Viper that is not contained in these books, please send the VIN to viperjeff@vipertruckregistry.com

Also, apart from Special Editions, Vipers were NOT numbered, the Registry did the best it could with the data available at the time of this printing to provide some sense of the build sequence.

These books are designed to help identify Vipers and the equipment that came on each Viper.  Because the manufacturer was not involved in these books, I cannot absolutely guarantee these books are complete and accurate, however, I have endeavored to create the most comprehensive accounting of Vipers available.  The use of this data is at your own risk. 

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