This is a short list of the Special Edition Vipers. If there are others that you would like me to document, let me know. {IF} I have the data to do it, I will.
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YearSpecial EditionCount
1997GTS W/Gold Package 7
1998Commemorative Edition Group102
2002Final Edition Group360
2004Mamba Edition Group
Viper White Clear Coat &
Viper Black Clear Coat
2004VCA Special Edition Group1
2005Commemorative Edition Group100
2005Copperhead Edition Group300
2005Mamba Edition Group200
2005VCA Special Edition Group50
2006Copperhead Edition51
2006First Edition Group200
2006VCA Edition50
2006VOI9 Edition100
20082008 Raffle Viper1
2009VOI10 Edition79
20101.33 Edition33
2010Canada Final Edition5
2010Final Edition Group50
2010Snakeskin Edition30
2010Vooodoo Edition31
2010Woodhouse Viper20
2013Launch Edition152
20171:28 Edition28
2017Dodge Dealer Edition22
2017GTS-R Commemorative Edition100
2017Snakeskin ACR Edition31
2017Snakeskin Edition17
2017Vooodoo II Edition31
2017Woodhouse ACR/TA
2017Woodhouse ACR-E/TA
Special Paint Vipers

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