149 of the 1869 2006 Vipers have been Registered.
Registered Vipers without an Owner name have been omitted.

VR-NBuild NumberLocationSEOwnerColor
VR-01702#360First EditionDaniel MViper GTS Blue
VR-01586#766AdamViper GTS Blue
VR-01491M MasseyViper Red Clear Coat
VR-01331Copperhead EditionSlow phiveoCopperhead Orange Satin Coat
VR-01286Chicago IL USAFirst Editionchicago pd50Viper GTS Blue
VR-01284UK First Edition sonicblooViper GTS Blue
VR-01216Fort Lauderdale FL USA First Edition JeremyViper GTS Blue
VR-01164TimViper Black Clear Coat
VR-00908Sarasota FL USAFirst EditionchemengViper GTS Blue
VR-00702Vancouver WA USABrent DViper Race Yellow Clear Coat
VR-00583Copperhead EditionSteve FCopperhead Orange Satin Coat
VR-00581IL USAVOI9 EditionSnakebitStone White Clear Coat
VR-00521Wes MViper Black Clear Coat
VR-00512Fort Collins CO USADan SViper GTS Blue
VR-00508Angel BViper Slate Crystal Pearl Coat
VR-00014Eatontown NJ USAJames SViper GTS Blue