74 of the 1875 2003 Vipers have been Registered.
Registered Vipers without an Owner name have been omitted.

VR-NBuild NumberLocationSEOwnerColor
VR-01704John BViper Red Clear Coat
VR-01689Queen Creek AZ USAChris PViper Black Clear Coat
VR-01686West Palm Beach FL USABill LViper Black Clear Coat
VR-01648ScottViper Black Clear Coat
VR-01635Galand BViper Red Clear Coat
VR-01634Trevor WViper Black Clear Coat
VR-01632Heiko LViper Red Clear Coat
VR-01591Jay JViper Bright Silver Metallic C/C
VR-01390Don BViper Red Clear Coat
VR-01281CanadaKevin DViper Black Clear Coat
VR-01084David MViper Red Clear Coat