69 of the 1775 2000 Vipers have been Registered.
Registered Vipers without an Owner name have been omitted.

VR-NBuild NumberLocationSEOwnerColor
VR-01700Vancouver BC CARonil LViper Steel Gray Pearl Coat
VR-01651mrclean 3118Viper Steel Gray Pearl Coat
VR-01628Robert BViper Black Clear Coat
VR-01609CA USAKBViper Red Clear Coat
VR-01603Dixon CA USADBH CollectionViper Black Clear Coat
VR-01597Andrew PViper Black Clear Coat
VR-01596PolandSebastianViper Steel Gray Pearl Coat
VR-01589Amherst NY USAJames EViper Steel Gray Pearl Coat
VR-01389MattViper Red Clear Coat
VR-00347Kamloops BC CADave CViper Black Clear Coat