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Today, doing a little test with the VTCoA Forum and SRT10Forum. It’s been awhile since i was really active on either. We will see the level of interest much like I did on the Viper sites, usually you can tell in a simple day.

The Viper Truck Social Media pages are much more difficult. There are literally dozens of them, different factions with the same love of the RAM SRT-10, however a hate that wells up between the many owners of these groups. I found myself dismayed by the whole thing as I had friends that were part of just about every group. There were people in each group that I also had issue with and that was not how I wanted to spend my days, letting my blood boil as they argued and I felt as if I was being drawn in to support one side or the other, so I pretty much left them all. So Viper Truck Socila Medial other than the Registry pages I guess are just out of the question.

Well, 24 hours will tell the tell

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