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Today I took the chance to update the Viper forums with an update on the Viper Books. I guess we will see if there is a good or bad reaction to these posts.

Also have been posting on the Social Media sites, there has been some interest which is always good. Of Note however was the VOA Official FB Page. My request to Join was not accepted, so I guess I won’t be posting updates there.

My preferred method of update at this point is through this Blog with links coming back to it using the Forums and Social Media sites.. Major updates I wanted to be able to post on all the relevant sites both Forum and Social Media. I’m not entirely sure I will be able to provide the updates fully to all these locations, however, as sites accept or decline these updates I will respect their decisions.

Regardless, updates will always be here for those interested and look forward to what the year brings. I am curious to see how many books I can get done this year.

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  1. gardneje says:

    I’m happy that I posted on the Forums, it answered a very important question for me. I will be sticking to Social Media and there won’t be a need to update anything on the VOA Forum or the VCA Forum as there was no response on either Forum and a denial to join on their Official VOA FB page pretty much eliminates updates there. I’m happy there are people that have shown interest on the Registry FB pages and the VCA FB page

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