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Trying to determine the best way to set up the Volumes and Books for the Vipers is far more complex than the Viper Trucks. For the most part, the Vipers Books can be done very much like the Viper Trucks for Production Years 1992-2006, then with the the Gen IV and Gen V’s it’s a pure mess with the number of Models and Colors. SO, going to make it easy with the Gen IV and Gen V. Because the Production numbers were so low, the Production Year will still be the Volume, however, the Book will encompass all the Vipers built in that year. Some of the Differences will be that certain Vipers will have there own Books, ie the Stryker Green, Vooodoo’s, etc

More information to come

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2 Replies to “Viper Books”

  1. gardneje says:

    Well, all that sounded good when I typed it up…..

    Lots of changes

    It appears it will come down to number of pages, and so that will be what I do. The Books will also contain “Part 1, Part 2, Part 2 etc… Oh fun

  2. gardneje says:

    The Structure for the Viper Books is complete to include Supplementary Books, Book 1 of the Supplementary Books will be Stryker Green (All Years)


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