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After to some basic layouts it has become very aware to me that a page per VIN just might be to much. The font for the Equipment Lists currently is at 10. That’s a very easy font to read, however, no one is going to sit down and read these books like a novel, pretty much research only. So it looks like 4 columns instead of 3 (if I can get that to work with the header of each VIN) and reduce the font way down.

Guess we will see what happens

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  1. gardneje says:

    Follow up to this post. I have changed the Equipment List portion to 8 font and some of the Header data for each VIN will be in 9 Bold Font. The data is also now continuous instead of 1 VIN per page with allowed the page count for the Stryker Green Book to go from 57 pages to 36. Over all, it looks like an entire set wont be 4 cases of paper. Now off to format the Viper Truck Page to match. Now I can get back to formatting data and that will take some time.

  2. gardneje says:

    Next follow up for the Viper Books. Where I have the MDH, I will be doing a color breakout (numbered) and a model (RT/10, GTS, SRT, etc) color breakout. This will also take some time. Looking back through some of the emails I got through time seemed to always include the question of, hey how may Red GTS’s with Silver stripes. Not sure if I will ever include the numbering to include the stripes, I would need to sell an awful lot of books to put in that much work….. Stay tuned. As a final note, this update is probably months out and I have to determine if it’s something I should include in the release of the Stryker Green Book.

  3. gardneje says:

    The Viper Truck Yellow Fever will be the next one worked on


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