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So over the past month I’ve been cleaning up the data that I have in the Registry. I have decided to base them on the facts I know and not on the undocumented FCA/Dodge/Ram facts. I understand that these two truths may not be compatable, however, FCA/Dodge/Ram never published final numbers, everything collected in the early days were projections. The production years and special editions most ended up with different end totals from the projected or Numbered totals.

The Books for the Viper Trucks are as follows:

Volume / BookData Pages CompleteTitleProjected Pages
Volume 1 Book 1Complete2004 Pre 11/10/200320
Volume 1 Book 22004 Flame Red Clear Coat RC999
Volume 1 Book 32004 Black Clear Coat RC1215
Volume 1 Book 42004 Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat RC677
Volume 1 Book 52004 VCA RC49
Volume 2 Book 12005 Flame Red Clear Coat RC518
Volume 2 Book 22005 Flame Red Clear Coat QC931
Volume 2 Book 32005 Black Clear Coat RC1314
Volume 2 Book 42005 Black Clear Coat QC557
Volume 2 Book 52005 Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat RC332
Volume 2 Book 62005 Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat QC763
Volume 2 Book 72005 CE RC201
Volume 2 Book 82005 Yellow Fever RC201
Volume 2 Book 92005 Yellow Fever QC296
Volume 3 Book 12006 Flame Red Clear Coat RC (Pre Run)7
Volume 3 Book 22006 Flame Red Clear Coat QC (Pre Run)8
Volume 3 Book 32006 Black Clear Coat RC (Pre Run)8
Volume 3 Book 42006 Black Clear Coat QC (Pre Run)9
Volume 3 Book 52006 Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat RC (Pre Run)6
Volume 3 Book 62006 Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat QC (Pre Run)8
Volume 3 Book 72006 Black Clear Coat RC79
Volume 3 Book 82006 Black Clear Coat QC88
Volume 3 Book 92006 Inferno Red RC220
Volume 3 Book 102006 Inferno Red QC418
Volume 3 Book 112006 Brilliant Black RC97
Volume 3 Book 122006 Brilliant Black QC215
Volume 3 Book 13Mineral Gray Met. Clear Coat RC128
Volume 3 Book 14Mineral Gray Met. Clear Coat QC311
Volume 3 Book 152006 Night Runner RC119
Volume 3 Book 162006 Night Runner QC251

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