Lets just say it’s been fairly quiet!

I knew all along this was not a site people would visit daily or weekly. It’s a site more for the new owner or the guy (gal) that’s just looking for a bit more information before a sale, or before buying.

Looking at the page hits since I started this new format has been surprising. I have to tell you though, because I haven’t finished adding all the Vipers this will only be up through 2010. The 2004 RAM SRT-010 Production has got the most attention, closely followed by the 2005 RAM SRT-10 Yellow Fevers. of all the Vipers, the 2010 Canadian Edition is the most viewed.

Sad for me to say it, the Gen I Vipers have locked up the least viewed category. No love there!

More to come in the coming days, I’ll be adding more and adding production details (well the few I have). This menu system is already unwieldy and I will need to devise a secondary menu for these sub categories.

Dash Plaques. We should see an announcement sometime early January 2020.

Have a Merry Christmas.

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