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The last week or so has been dedicated to creating the Special Edition Lists. The VCA Edition, Commemorative Edition, Yellow Fever and Night Runner for the RAM SRT-10 has been completed. Even with that said, they really aren’t done. I’ve completed what I know and as you review the lists you will see there is a lot a work yet to be done.

I have the VIN, it’s the ### of ### that is the hard part. That number is not documented anywhere in the public space. It either has to be sent to us or I see it in an ad someplace. It’s crazy how many times I see an ad for, lets say a VCA Edition and the ad will say 1 of 50 made…. Great!!, TELL ME THE NUMBER!!

One of the other very important things to learn is if the RAM SRT-10 or Viper is still in service or has been lost forever. No one likes to admit or pass on that they destroyed a RAM SRT-10 or Viper, however, people are very interested in how many are left. One isn’t learned without knowing the other… Go figure. When it comes to Special Editions, it can be an interesting fact to know. For the Canada Dealer Edition Vipers there is only 5. So even the loss of one makes a big impact on rarity.

Process on the Vipers will take much longer, more Special Editions. It will be fun however. Have the first couple done. The Canada Dealer Edition and Commemorative Edition Group \ Championship Badge. Will be doing the VOI Editions next. Still trying to determine if I will be doing the after market special editions like the Woodhouse Vipers.

More to come, have a Great Day!


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  1. I am the proud owner of a 2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 NIGHT RUNNER EDITION # 190 of 400 produced. Regular cab with 12,000 original miles.

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