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Some know already that social media is NOT my favorite thing in the world, well, it doesn’t even make it on the top 1000, and I’m not sure I have that many items on my like list. It seems however that it has been a necessary evil that we all live with from day to day.

In the process of building this site and looking at the available plugins, I’ve found a few that have come in handy and one that does far more than I had first realized. You will see a new element of the site which includes the ability to share what you read to your social medial locations and/or “Like” what you see.

The LIKE feature is a bit of a two edged sword as no likes could be no one visits or those who do visit, really don’t Like… LOL.

It is what it is however and as this site moves forward and more of what I have gets place in stone for the use of everyone.

Some also know that I no longer chase the “Tribes”, clubs and FB. I’m going to work from here, share using the tools here and if my audience of 1 grows, that’s great, if not, the data will still be here for the future generations loving their RAM SRT-10 and/or Viper.


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