Progress 11/15/2019

As some have seen the work of adding Registered RAM SRT-10’s is coming along nicely. As of today we are up to VTR-1342, so we have a long way to go.

Future projects

The build the VCA, CE, Yellow Fever and Night Runner Registries, I have a great deal of data, and that needs to be shared

Adding pictures of internal and external photo’s

Adding General Production Year details

At some point we will do the same with the Vipers. As some know, this will take a bit more time as the number of Special Editions to cover are far greater than the RAM SRET-10.

The 1 to 1 Program will not be a future project

Owner Stories, well that came to an end pretty quick. It looks like I will just pass on stories that I remember and/or have information on, well that may be boring…


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  1. Can you work o the 2017 Vipers. Would like to see a detailed breakdown

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