2017 Viper Production


Total – 841

Adrenaline Red135846
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver1
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black1143
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White41211
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal11
**SRT Racing Stripes, Black1
Anodized Carbon (Matte)2
Billet Silver Metallic Clear Coat20392
**GTS Racing Stripes, Adrenaline Red11
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black11
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White1
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal12
**SRT Racing Stripes, Black1
Ceramic Blue Clear Coat22
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black2
Competition Blue174731
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver11
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black21
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White2
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal1
GTS-R Blue Pearl Coat76232
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver12
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black1
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White322
**SRT Racing Stripes, Black1
**SRT Racing Stripes, Bright White1
**SRT Racing Stripes, Gunmetal1
Gunmetal Pearl227721
**GTS Racing Stripes, Adrenaline Red42
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver2
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black12
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White1
Special Paint56
***Woodhouse ACR-E/TA483
**Factory Custom GTS Paint Stripe37
**Factory Custom SRT Paint Stripe3
**GTS Racing Stripes, Adrenaline Red1
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver23
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black78
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White510
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal3
Snakeskin Edition
**Snakeskin Stripe17
Snakeskin ACR Edition31
Stryker Green Tri-Coat Pearl22
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black11
Stryker Orange Tri-Coat Pearl421
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver11
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black3
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White1
Stryker Purple Tri-Coat Pearl38
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White32
Venom Black Clear Coat22817511
***1:28 Edition28
**GTS Racing Stripes, Adrenaline Red71
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver421
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White21
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal211
**SRT Racing Stripes, Billet Siver1
***Vooodoo II Edition
***Vooodoo II Driver Stripe w/Tracer31
Viper White Clear Coat32101724
***Dodge Dealer Edition22
**Factory Custom GTS Paint Stripe31
***GTS-R Commemorative Edition100
**GTS Racing Stripes, Adrenaline Red21
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver1
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black1212
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal1
**SRT Racing Stripes, Gunmetal1
Yorange Clear Coat10221
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black11
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal1

First VIN: HV500001
Last VIN: HV731948

Build Sequence
Build Sequence numbers available, based on MHD.

Build To Canada Mkt. Specifications77
Build To Export Mkt. Specifications19
Build To Mexico Mkt. Specifications1
Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications744
Zone 01-Mexico1
Zone 06-Export20
Zone 16-Chrysler Corporation-Asg2
Zone 21-Canada-Ontario57
Zone 22-Canada-Quebec5
Zone 25-Canada-Alberta13
Zone 29-Canada-Fleet/Lease2
Zone 32-New York26
Zone 35-Washington23
Zone 42-Detroit42
Zone 51-Chicago119
Zone 63-Dallas185
Zone 66-Orlando221
Zone 70-Phoenix Arizona16
Zone 71-Los Angeles27
Zone 74-Denver81
Zone 91-Drop Ship1
Interior-No breakout at this time
Marketing / Public Relations Vehicle2
Domestic Pilot Orders1
18X10.5 19X13.0 Rattler Polished Whl22
18X10.5 19X13.0 Rattler-Blk Vapor6
18X10.5 19X13.0 Rattler-Hyper Whl2
18X10.5 19X13.0 Rattler-Matte Whl4
18X10.5 19X13.0 Sidewinder II Hyp Wh55
18X10.5 19X13.0 Sidewinder II Matte85
18X10.5 19X13.0 Venom Matte Whls8
18X10.5 19X13.0 Venom Polished Whl23
18X10.5 19X13.0 Venom-Hyper Whls42
19X11.0 19X13.0 ACR BrassMonkey Whls61
19X11.0 19X13.0 ACR Gloss Black Whls533
295/30ZR18XL P355/30ZR19 BSW Tires55
P295/25ZR19 P355/30ZR19 ACR Tires594
P295/30ZR18 P355/30ZR19 BSW Tires90
P295/30ZR18 P355/30ZR19 Perf Tires102
Exterior Carbon Fiber Package23
Carbon Fiber Black Interior Accents29
Black Calipers w/Orange Writing69
Brake Calipers – Black8
Orange Brake Calipers2
TA 1.0 Package1
TA 2.0 Package1
Time Attack Group 1.031
Time Attack Group 2.036
GTS Hood49
SRT Hood53
Advanced Aerodynamics Package10
GTS Front/Rear Fascias99
Sabelt – Cloth Bucket Seats24
Sabelt – Leather Bucket Seats1
Sabelt – Premium Leather Seats52
Demonic Red Seat Belts13
Bright Chrome Viper GT Sill Badge51
Carbon Breakout In Work

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