2013 Viper Production


Total Build – 1000

Adrenaline Red126117
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver6
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black15
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal9
**SRT Racing Stripes Billet Silver4
**SRT Racing Stripes, Black5
Gunmetal Pearl325
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver14
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black9
**SRT Racing Stripes Billet Silver2
**SRT Racing Stripes, Black1
Race Yellow1915
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver1
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black20
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal1
**SRT Racing Stripes, Black6
Shadow Blue Pearl193
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver12
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black3
**SRT Racing Stripes Billet Silver1
**SRT Racing Stripes, Black1
Stryker Red Tinted Pearl40
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black1
Venom Black Clear Coat11126
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver41
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal43
**SRT Racing Stripes Billet Silver9
**SRT Racing Stripes, Gunmetal4
Viper GTS Blue27
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver17
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black4
**GTS Racing Stripes, Bright White
***Launch Edition152
Viper White Clear Coat328
**GTS Racing Stripes, Billet Silver4
**GTS Racing Stripes, Black11
**GTS Racing Stripes, Gunmetal13
**SRT Racing Stripes Billet Silver4
**SRT Racing Stripes, Black5
**SRT Racing Stripes, Gunmetal2

First VIN: DV100001
Last VIN: DV500230

Build Sequence
Build Sequence numbers available, based on MHD.

Build To Canada Market Specifications66
Build To Export Market Specifications31
Build To Mexico Market Specifications4
Build To U.S. Market Specifications899
Zone 01-Mexico4
Zone 06-Export33
Zone 16-Chrysler Corporation-Asg18
Zone 21-Canada-Ontario28
Zone 22-Canada-Quebec9
Zone 25-Canada-Alberta25
Zone 29-Canada-Fleet/Lease4
Zone 32-New York111
Zone 35-Washington60
Zone 42-Detroit42
Zone 51-Chicago76
Zone 63-Dallas115
Zone 66-Orlando170
Zone 70-Phoenix Arizona43
Zone 71-Los Angeles120
Zone 74-Denver70
Zone 91-Drop Ship72
Black Interior320
Black GTS Laguna Interior Package432
Black/Caramel Interior30
Black/Header Red Interior75
Black/Sepia GTS Laguna Interior Package143
Test Vehicle4
Marketing / Public Relations Vehicle14
Domestic Pilot Orders70
International Pilot Orders1
PSA/S2A Pilot Order Tracking2
Vehicle Development Pilot Order1
18X10.5 19X13.0 Rattler Polished Whl230
18X10.5 19X13.0 Rattler-Hyper Whl34
18X10.5 19X13.0 Rattler-Matte Whl17
18X10.5 19X13.0 Sidewinder II Hyp Wh245
18X10.5 19X13.0 Sidewinder II Matte116
18X10.5 19X13.0 Venom Matte Whls36
18X10.5 19X13.0 Venom Polished Whl144
18X10.5 19X13.0 Venom-Hyper Whls178
P295/30ZR18 P355/30ZR19 BSW Tires637
P295/30ZR18 P355/30ZR19 Perf Tires363
Exterior Carbon Fiber Package32
Carbon Fiber Interior Accents Group11
Black Brake Calipers218
Track Package363
GTS Hood782
SRT Hood218
Advanced Aerodynamics Package26
Stryker Package41
Sabelt – Cloth Bucket Seats20
Alternate Colored Seat Belts204

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