Total Build 660

Anaconda Green Pearl Coat4
**Black Center Band Two Tone2
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes1
**Dual White Painted Stripes2
Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat
**Black Painted Dual Fang Stripes
***VOI10 Edition79
Graphite Metallic Clear Coat12613
**Black Center Band Two Tone32
**Dual Black Painted Stripes32
**Dual Red Painted Stripes31
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes473
Venom Red Met. Clear Coat11
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes1
Viper Black Clear Coat1947
**Dual Graphite Painted Stripes1
**Dual Red Painted Stripes111
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes1
**Dual White Painted Stripes1
Viper Blue Met. Clear Coat33
**Black Center Band Two Tone6
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes11
**Dual White Painted Stripes21
Viper GTS Blue326
**Black Center Band Two Tone6
**Dual Black Painted Stripes2
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes24
**Dual White Painted Stripes4
Viper Race Yellow Clear Coat411
**Black Center Band Two Tone11
**Dual Black Painted Stripes463
**Dual Graphite Painted Stripes1
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes31
Viper Red Clear Coat34658
**Black Center Band Two Tone32
**Dual Black Painted Stripes371
**Dual Graphite Painted Stripes13
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes241
**Dual White Painted Stripes5
Viper Snakeskin Green Pearl Coat3713
**Black Center Band Two Tone19
**Dual Black Painted Stripes495
**Dual Graphite Painted Stripes33
**Dual Silver Painted Stripes152
**Dual White Painted Stripes1
Viper Very Orange Pearl Coat233
**Black Center Band Two Tone2
**Dual Black Painted Stripes251
**Dual Graphite Painted Stripes12
**Dual White Painted Stripes1
Viper White Clear Coat1488
**Black Center Band Two Tone32
**Dual Black Painted Stripes322
**Dual Blue Painted Stripes5125
**Dual Graphite Painted Stripes31
**Dual Red Painted Stripes243

First VIN: 9V500001
Last VIN: 9V500712

Build Sequence
Build Sequence numbers available, based on MHD.

Canada Market Specifications68
Mexico Market Specifications11
U.S. Market Specifications581
Zone 01-Mexico11
Zone 05-Chrysler Military Sales4
Zone 06-Export2
Zone 13-Chrysler Credit18
Zone 16-Chrysler Corporation-Asg12
Zone 21-Canada-Ontario35
Zone 22-Canada-Quebec6
Zone 25-Canada-Alberta24
Zone 29-Canada-Fleet/Lease3
Zone 32-New York26
Zone 35-Washington19
Zone 42-Detroit31
Zone 51-Chicago74
Zone 63-Dallas141
Zone 66-Orlando95
Zone 71-Los Angeles24
Zone 74-Denver119
Zone 91-Drop Ship16
Test Vehicle9
Marketing / Public Relations Vehicle5
Domestic Pilot Orders6
18X10.0 19X13.0 Alum Polished Wheels71
18X10.0 19X13.0 Aluminum Wheels47
18X10.0 19X13.0 Frgd Alum 6 Spk Whls213
18X10.0 19X13.0 Frgd Sidewinder Whls329
275/35ZR18 345/30ZR19 BSW Tires410
295/30ZR18 345/30ZR19 Perf Tires250
Competition Group250
Aero Group61

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