2003 Viper Production


Total Build – 1875

Graphite Metallic Clear Coat5
Viper Black Clear Coat402
Viper Bright Silver Metallic C/C395
Viper Red Clear Coat1073

First VIN: 3V500001
Last VIN: 3V501895

Canada Market Specifications130
Mexico Market Specifications6
U.S. Market Specifications1739
Zone 01-Mexico6
Zone 16-Chrysler Corporation-Asg31
Zone 21-Canada-Ontario51
Zone 22-Canada-Quebec27
Zone 23-Canada-Atlantic6
Zone 25-Canada-Alberta42
Zone 29-Canada-Fleet/Lease4
Zone 32-New York224
Zone 35-Washington107
Zone 42-Detroit272
Zone 51-Chicago271
Zone 63-Dallas166
Zone 66-Orlando171
Zone 71-Los Angeles207
Zone 74-Denver220
Zone 91-Drop Ship70
Miscellaneous Count
Test Vehicle10
Marketing / Public Relations Vehicle25
Domestic Pilot Orders63
18X10.0 19X13.0 Aluminum Wheels1875
275/35ZR18 345/30ZR19 BSW Tires1875
Air Conditioning1875

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