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The Black Clear Coat RAM SRT-10 has the lowest production total in the 2006 production year (not considering the 2006 Pilot Trucks). The Black Clear Coat production consisted of a total of 79 Regular Cabs and 88 Quad Cabs. This book includes the 7 Black Clear Coat Pilot trucks. (3 Regular Cab and 4 Quad Cab). The two biggest notable changes are the Badging and the frame (1500 frame to a 2500 frame). There are other differences that we will leave to the magazine articles that discuss them.

Viper Truck Registry Books is broken down into a series of Volumes and Books. The approach was developed to allow the individual who wants to know more about their own RAM SRT-10 (aka Viper Truck) to just purchase the book they needed without having to purchase the entire series of the Viper Truck Books.

The Production Year is the Volume and the Books contained within those volumes are the breakouts based on Color and/or Special Edition. Interesting breakouts are separate books like the first 20 Viper Trucks that were built prior to 11/10/2003. There are also books from the 2006 Production Year that were built during the 2005 production year and in some cases are extremely limited. One of those sets included Viper Trucks that were used in the filming of Walker Texas Ranger – Trial by Fire.

We will also identify the 2004 Viper Truck that set the Guinness Record for fastest Truck.

Disclaimer: The Viper Truck Registry Books are in no way affiliated with Chrysler, Dodge, Viper, RAM, SRT or any other company involved in the production of the RAM SRT-10. It is also important to know that each VIN in these books has been verified as real and are associated with a built truck. Early in the Viper Truck History unverified documents where circulated identifying the production of the Viper Truck. Through my 12 years of research, I have found several differences between those documents and what I have found. They include: 2004 Production Year projected, 3057, documented within these books, 2960. 2005 Production Year projected, 4097, documented within these books, 5113. 2006 Production Year projected, 2373, documented within these books, 1972.

This means the projected total for Viper Truck production would be 9,527, as of the writing of these books, I have found 10,045 Viper Trucks. My belief and concern is there may be other Viper Trucks that I was unable to find which makes it possible you may find a Viper Truck sometime in the future that’s not contained in these pages. If you find one, please send the VIN to viperjeff@vipertruckregistry.com.

Also, apart from Special Editions, RAM SRT-10’s were NOT numbered, the Registry did the best if could with the data available at the time of this printing to provide some sense of the build sequence.

These books are designed to help identify Viper Trucks and the equipment that came on each truck. Because the manufacturer was not involved in these books and the manufacturer never publicized the final production count, I cannot absolutely guarantee these books are complete and accurate, however, I have endeavored to create the most comprehensive accounting of Viper Trucks available. The use of this data is at your own risk.

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