10/20/2019 – Jeff Gardner The idea behind the Registry was to have a complete database of The RAM SRT-10 and Vipers. Was going to have all the Equipment Lists and MDH’s so as years past and those details are scrubbed from the Official Dodge and RAM websites the information staysContinue Reading

One of the cool things about owning a RAM SRT-10 is the “burnout”. It’s really kind of easy to destroy a set of tires and have the crowd go wild. Joe did just that at Thursday Night Thunder at the Esta Dragstrip. Joe won in 2018, engulfing the crowd inContinue Reading

In the early months of the RAM SRT-10 a lot of us scrambled to get our hands on the greatest sports truck ever built. Some waited until the following year, late 2004 to pick up the five seater 2005 Edition. Charles had to wait a few more years to pickContinue Reading

As I sit and work on the Registry I wonder as always what the value will be for those that come here. I know for the most part it won’t be a daily visit of even a weekly or monthly visit for the vast majority of people who buy orContinue Reading

After a week of adding, deleting, rearranging, modifying I think I have a format I’m happy with. The coming week will be another challenge, yesterday I asked for pictures to be a permanent part of the Registry. I had a really good response . No to learn the best wayContinue Reading