Pride and Joy

In the early months of the RAM SRT-10 a lot of us scrambled to get our hands on the greatest sports truck ever built. Some waited until the following year, late 2004 to pick up the five seater 2005 Edition. Charles had to wait a few more years to pick up his dream truck. Charles bought his RAM SRT-10 because a good friend was diagnosed with brain cancer and was only given 6 months to a year to live. Charles learned that David was going to have to sell his beloved truck to help with the bills. David also knew he needed to get his affairs in order for his wife.

Charles called the bank, put the paperwork together and the next day asked for a loan. Charles got a loan approval and made an offer to David to purchase his “Pride and Joy” an outrageous RAM SRT-10 that had been meticulously cared for. David took a little time to think about selling his “Pride and Joy because it was more sentimental than anything else. The next day David contacted Charles accepted, Charles’s offer. Charles always wished he could have done more for David.

Charles was so happy that he was getting “his” Pride and Joy, a RAM SRT-10 and helping out David at the same time, a true blessing. David passed 8 months later. Charles was able to give David one last ride in his “Pride and Joy”, after David’s passing. The RAM SRT-10 became David’s hearse.

The picture is David on the left and Charles on the right doing the handshake deal on the RAM SRT-10 that has been and always will be the Pride and Joy for both men.

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