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The information presented on these pages are through original research. The vast majority of the details presented are based on VIN, MDH and Equipment Lists. Build Numbers for Special Editions are based on the information received from those that Register their RAM SRT-10’s and Vipers. From Sales Ad’s and various other sources where owners or sellers have presented those numbers and the VIN is also listed. Build Numbers for non-Special Editions where RAM, Dodge, Chrysler and FCA did NOT assign a number are based on the vehicles MDH and is not considered an Official Build number of RAM, Dodge, Chrysler or FCA. There are some cases where we are using the VIN to do a Build Sequence. We know that’s not the way the vehicle came down the line, understand, that the information needed to provide a correct sequence {the MDH} has become more difficult to obtain in recent years.

The Registry closed on 10/01/2021, however, if you send us a picture of your Viper Truck or Viper and a picture of the VIN tag off the driver’s door, we will email you back a copy of what we are putting in the books for your vehicle ( As noted above, some details may not be complete.