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Registry Ramblings


Current project is consistent formatting of the pages. I realize from time to time there will be changes because of the data found and posted, however, we will try to be as consistent as possible. Provided this information to several other sites to get some feedback. Not surprising, there was zero feedback. This is both good and bad. My current thoughts on page layout and data included will not vary from page to page. The bad is it might not contain information that people may be interested in. Not a bit fan of future page modifications, however, given the current information and lack of suggestion. Any suggestions from today forward will have to be a future project.


2004 RAM SRT-10 Edit is now done (for all colors). Now to format it for the book, the hard part. As I create the books from a data base, there's a lot of data manipulation. I do this as the Registry is ever changing as new things are found, identified and then added. Let the formatting begin


Formatting of the pages continues. All the Book pages have been created, now, just to finish the Books. Vipers and Viper Truck specific pages have been separated.


There is now a solution to import the individual VIN's. A short test shows I can add a VIN in about 20 seconds. Still hand done, however, far faster than the previous 5 minutes per VIN.


Reviewed the structure of the Wiki and the continued addition of the individual VIN's and there associated Equipment Lists. Reviewed a queried process that will reduce time and add all the additional coding that will be needed to format the page for ease of reading. Until this process is resolved, the adding of VIN's is on hold. The books will still be the Primary Focus. Currently working on completing the 2004 RAM SRT-10 Book. The Black trucks are about 75% done and the Red and the Silver trucks are both about 50% done. Goal is end of Jan/2023. There is currently 11 Books completed.

12/20/2022 Usually in the month of December, not much gets done as the Season has far more importance than the Registry. Things seem to slow down everywhere. We have a lot of work to do on the books and numerous pages need updates. There may not be any additional updates in 2022. 2023 will be a busy year.

From time to time I will note where I'm at with the Registry and what my current projects are