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Issue 2       September 18, 2010
Mickster and #007
by Jeff Gardner

Mick Brealey
Born. Chiswick West London
Now. Bisley, Surrey, England
Kids. Marie 34 and Scott 28
Married 3 times, 3rd time lucky with Jackie

Mick grew up in west London, going to school at a local comprehensive which he hated and is pretty sure they were not to fond of him either.

Mick left school at 16 to and started a 6 year apprenticeship in Lithographic Printing. After completing the 6 years, Mick started a transport company with a single small van. After five years and expanding up to running a fleet of ten vehicles Mick split from his partner and started a pre press company making printing plates with his Father. Ironically his father is whom Mick did his apprenticeship with.

Mick did this for number of years until technology over took Mick and his Father and more or less wiped out the pre press industry.

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Mick and his Father started his next business with a five color B1 and a two color B3 Heidelberg printing presses. Mick sold half of the company to his partner in 2004 and walked away from the industry after becoming ill through too many hours spent at work. Mick feels very fortunate to have spent so much time with his Dad throughout the years, knowing not many people can spend so much time with their Father without a falling out. Mick aspires to be like his Dad who is a remarkably decent man with high moral values.

Mick retired at 45, took a couple of years out, started helping on a voluntary basis to teach kids with disabilities to water ski at The British Disabled Water Ski Association (BDWSA). Mick ended up going back to work running the ski center for the BDWSA. Mick did that for three years enjoying great times helping people who are in a less fortunate position. Mick then went to work with the local authority teaching disadvantaged young people, again to water ski and wakeboard. Mick now does a couple of days a week trying to help keep young offenders on the right path.

Challenging, however for Mick it brings rewards that cannot be measured.

The cars and the bikes and stuff.

Cars are a passion for Mick along with water skiing and football (soccer). His team is Chelsea, a team he has followed since his Dad first took Mick to a game when he was four. Mick's second marriage lasted 17 years in which Mick had 34 cars and a few bikes and Mick wonders why he ended up getting a divorce. The first American car Mick fell in love with was a YELLOW 70’s Camaro convertible that Mick came across in a gas station, Mick was currently driving a YELLOW Ford Escort Mexico and was blown away by the sheer presence of the Camaro. Many years passed until Mick got my first Yank, a 1994 Chevy Silverado Stepside and Mick's first V8. From there to a 1999 Dodge Dakota with a V6 at that time Mick knew he needed to get back into a V8.

Mick then got a 2004 Rumble Bee in YELLOW that he purchased at a bargain price. Mick remember seeing one in St Louis and falling in love with it. Mick never dreamed he would find one in England, so, with that where did he go from there?

An RAM SRT 10.

Mick looked for 18 months. Mick really didn’t like the colors, No Yellow! While Mick was trawling EBay one day, up she popped. An RC Yellow Fever #007, in Moab Utah, USA.

For Sale

Yellow Fever

#007 of 500

Mick had a lot of soul searching to do when it came to buying buying a truck without actually seeing it, and half a world away at that. Conversations with ViperDNA the owner of #007 at the time ensued. Mick had a good feeling about it, 20k miles on the clock, so Mick took the plunge. Mick sent the money and waited what seemed for ever for the ship to get across the pond, Mick even tracked the boat on a daily basis to see where it was, true Love in the making. After about 8 weeks from sending the cash the 10 arrived. It was snowing the day Mick was able to collect her from the docks. He decided to get her trailered the 100 miles to storage in Ripley, Surrey. At last, she arrived!

The RAM SRT-10 looked a bit sorry upon arrival, long journey and a lot of grime seemed to have stuck, however, the V-10 roared to life and she sounded awesome. Mick spent two days cleaning her up and made arrangements for the local testing laws to be met. Off came the JMB catless mids and the Magnaflow. The original ECM and original exhaust, side repeater orange LED indicators were installed in the rear view mirrors to meet regulations along with rear LED fog lamps and reversing lights, the original reversing lights have been converted to orange indicators. After testing was completed and she was officially registered the Catless mids, Magnaflow and ECM went back on.

#007 is lowered all around with an X-Metal kit, the ECM also by X-Metal. Valve covers are yellow along with a color coded interior, with a stainless dress up kit under the hood and X-Metal fuse cover. JMB CAI and catch can. JTS Venom Performance Poly bushings have arrived and are waiting to be fitted.

Mick's to do list is: Bassani Headers, Adjustable shocks and maybe Caltracs.

Mick has covered nearly 7000 miles in #007 since February, taking in Germany and the famous Nurburgring twice and three trips to Holland including the Dutch GTG.


The RAM SRT-10 gets so much attention in England regardless of where Mick is headed and for Mick, the RAM SRT-10 has the same presence that he felt all those years ago looking at the Camaro.

The only worry Mick has????? What on earth do you buy after owning A Ram SRT-10

Mick would like to thank the Members of the Viper Truck Club Of America which has been a real bonus to Mick being over on the other side of the pond. Mick feels as if he as got to know a lot of good people without ever meeting along with the vast amount of knowledge that is available, it has been a real help.

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