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Issue 1       September 11, 2010
Welcome to the Registry Times
by Jeff Gardner

Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeff, better known in the Viper Truck world as ViperJeff and Viperam2. I fell in love with the RAM SRT-10 in early 2004 after seeing a Ryan Newman commercial on TV, just had to learn more. My desire for more information has grown from there, to starting a little thing I called "The Master List", to now, the "Viper Truck Registry".

For years a lot of people tried to learn more about the Production Numbers for all three years of the RAM SRT-10. Where the 2004 production year was well documented by Dodge to include Build Numbers, the 2005 and 2006 model years were not given the same care in documentation.

So the quest was on to document the Greatest Truck Ever Built!

Coming Events

JTS Venom Performance Nationals
at Panama City Beach Florida

In the coming weeks, we will be updating the events and sponsors for the event.

VTR Statistics

759 of 3057 2004's Found
• 1035 of 4097 2005'a Found
• 335 of 2373 2006's Found


VTR News

The Registry Times, the goal is a new
issue every week.

We are looking to do Feature Articles
of Owners and there RAM SRT-10.

You can submit your story to


Common Questions:

Do the Registry numbers have anything to do with the build or a Production Number?

I have however let those that want to Register their RAM SRT-10 pick the VTR-XXXX number that they would like.  Some have choosen their build numbers (2004 ONLY), one guy choose his badge number (LEO) and some where able to get a number that matched their XXX of XXX number.  On the Registry I keep track of the Build Number, the YF, CE, NR and VCA numbers and the VIN they were assigned to. Also, with each new truck I'm able to identify, I learn more and more about the how the trucks came off the line.  Dodge never released a sequence for the 2005's and 2006's and probably never will.

Is the number bound to the next sequence in the registry?

For example, for the next 2004 RAM SRT-10 I find and the current VTR-2004-XXXX is at VTR-2004-0265, that new truck that I find that has a listed VIN will be VTR-2004-0266.  This works the same way with at the Production Years.

The VTR-XXXX is currently at VTR-0194, the next truck that has a VIN and has proof of that VIN (ie Door Sticker) will be VTR-0195.  This is true with the exception of when a Owner makes a request for a different number and that number is available. I had at one time considered Linking the VTR-XXXX number to the build number.  The 2004 was going to be easy, 1-3057.  I tried for six month to get build information for the 2005 and 2006 trucks from Dodge.  Not a single email was returned.  At that point, I knew that if I associated the VTR-XXXX number with the build sequence, the only owners that could be on the Registry would be 2004 owners.

So I made a decision to make my system non-dependent on Dodge

Why Two Registry Numbers?

The reason for the two numbers is that every truck I find that I can get the VIN, gets a VTR-2004-XXXX or a VTR-2005-XXXX or a VTR-2006-XXXX based on the production year.  The only trucks that get a VTR-XXXX is ones that have been verified wih some kind of offical dodge documentation (ie the door sticker)

The Viper Truck Registry is a site which acts as a vehicle registry in the classical definition of the term. The Viper Truck Registry's function is to gather, accumulate, organize and maintain vehicle histories relative to the RAM SRT-10. This information is useful to owners and prospective owners alike. Registry information is obtained through contributions from owners, enthusiasts, vehicle manufacturers, and interested individuals. No guarantee is made as to the accuracy of the data, interpret it and use it at your own risk.

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