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To Register your Viper Truck in "The Registry" is pretty simple. Just send me a picture of the Vehicle ID Sticker that is located on the drivers side door. It contains the Date of MFR, MDH, VIN and Paint Code. The VIN is kept private and is not uploaded to the web site. This information is used to verify that the truck is a Viper Truck.

We also use this to help provide Build Information (if available).

Email To:

If you would like to know more about Your VIN and Date of MFR/MDH that we call the "Born on Date" Click Here

I will also need a picture of Your Viper Truck
The bigger the picture the better (1024 x 768 or bigger)

Location: State/Province and Country

Screen Name or Name  
(Optional) Mod List, used on your Registry page  

You can send me as may pictures as you would like. Each Registered RAM SRT-10 will have there own Registry Page (example The BATRAM). I will also place the truck in the Registry in all the locations it is eligible for. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me any question. ViperJeff